Hacking the UMX part 1

Steps to get the UMX ready to work with the two new Arduino controllers.

* Cut the wires between the battery pack and the DSM 6ch UM AS3X RX BL-ESC; HT.
* Snip the connecting wire between main electric motor and the DSM 6ch UM AS3X RX BL-ESC; HT.

* Cut the wires between the DSM 6ch UM AS3X RX BL-ESC; HT. and the four 2.3-Gram Performance Linear Long Throw Servos. Leave the servos in place, they’ll be used later.
* Carefully remove the chip without damaging the UMX – okay I didn’t quite accomplish this 🙂

* Attach the DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3 to the body of the UMX. I’m trying to stay clear of the servo motors and wires as much as possible to prevent interference with the sensors on the chip. The ArduIMU is what I’m using for orientation and motion data, it contains accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a magnetic compass system (no GPS). It will feed this data to the main Arduino controller that will handle sending commands to the servo motors and main lift motor. (I used adhesive tape/foam for this but it was not enough so I had to go with krazy glue)

arduino imu

* Now the ArduinoIMU needs to be calibrated and we’ll see if we’re getting realistic values for roll, pitch, and yaw. For now the IMU will be connected directly to my Mac so I can see the values directly in the serial monitor.

* I’m using as a base for my code the excellent work by Al Toma – his code is at –  ARduImuV3 code.

* Connect my mac to the ArduinoIMU via a FTD cable.


* Run the calibration routine, store calibration values to eprom.

* Now run sketch that reports orientation values to the serial port – monitor and confirm they’re working.

* Values are fairly constant – so next step is confirm I can connect an Arduino to one of the servos and control it. I used the the example code ‘sweep’ as the basis – the 2.3-Gram Linear Long Throw Offset servo has only 3 settings 0 – left, 90 in the middle/neutral, and 180 to the right. My connection effort is makeshift at best, just making sure I can connect and control the servo

arduino breadboard servo

* This is working – I can read orientation values from the IMU and fire the one servo to adjust the control surface up, down, or neutral.

* Next steps are to wire all 4 servos up to my breadboard (this will require a separate power source)…

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