Hacking the UMX part 2

This is continued from Hacking the UMX part 1.

* Need to wire the rest of the servos to the controlling Arduino – this is more power than the Arduino can supply directly so I’m going to have to wire a separate power source. I’m using the tutorial at RCArduino as my starting point. Will use 2 Double A batteries for now.

external battery

* Now have 2 servos under control  – dorsal and ventral – naming conditions for servos are (assuming black cockpit image on UMX is top and craft is in level flight – all directions in reference from cockpit image) – dorsal (top), ventral (bottom), port (left), and starboard(right).

2 servo breadboard

* Next I’m going to make sure I can control the main rotor motor from the Arduino. I’ve never done this before so I went through several great tutorials and intros – Controlling Brushless Motors, how to control a brushless motor through a ESC with Arduino,

* To control a brushless motor from the Arduino requires an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) – I’m using EFLA7200 BL Controller 8A from E-flite. The manual is here.

ESC diagram

* I was able to use the sample code from Arduino — Brushless Motor Control
to control the main motor. It worked fine and I can now control the speed of the motor.

* I have the components and initial code working on the breadboard and the Arduino Uno. Now I need to move all the parts to the next stage so that the UMX can fly. This will require soldering and the Arduino Pro Mini instead of the Uno.

* To get the UMX flight ready I remove all of my jury rigged experiments and breadboarding.

UMX ready for next steps

* The Arduino Pro Mini has no built in connectors so everything will have to be soldered. I have never soldered in my life so I practiced on some spare boards and pins (SparkFun seems to have a lot of these – I used their tutorial as well).

practice soldering

* After practice (results – bad, good, good, terrible, good, okay) I decided to bite the bullet and solder my first real connection – the breakout pins for the Arduino Pro Mini so that I can connect the FDI cable and update/load code from my Mac – done and working…

first solder

* Next steps are wiring up the UMX power supply.

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