Hacking the UMX part 4

Continued from Hacking the UMX part 3

motor with loose wires

* I accidentally pulled two power wires from the motor when making some re-wiring changes. To save time I’m going to buy another one.

* Next steps are code work. Hook the FTDI cable to the ArduIMU and run the calibration code. This working…

* Now a lot of work with the communication between the ArduIMU and the Pro Mini – the issue is that I can send char data back to the Pro Mini – but the orientation data from the ArduIMU is float. Also when the ArduIMU is set up in as a slave I2C device it seems to zero out the sensors – going to try setting it up as master.

* After plenty of trials getting the to Arduinos to talk to each other over i2C I gave up and am going running the whole setup with the ArduIMU. This means I had to solder another pinout on to connect the servo controllers – found the equivalents for the digital ports. MOSI and MISO correspond to D11 and D12. PWM0 and PWM1 are the same as D9 and D10 . Hooked up and working.

* Now working on the stabilization code – initial efforts were to hand code the adjustments but I am now using a simple neural net to handle this. Testing the ArduIMU with this approach over the next few days.

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